Trekking in Himachal

Trekking is different from mountaineering, as it does not require special skiils and equipments to do the same. Infact, trekking always refers to walking on trails. Even though, some treks venture near glaciers and crossing of small glacial rivulets, they do not match the fulfillment of any Himalayan mountaineering adventures. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places in the world when it comes to trekking. Rivers in deep gorges and placid mountain lakes, thick forests and acres of scree, mountainsides draped with snow, and green Alpine meadows, all form a part of this immense spectrum. And the possibilities for a whole range of adventure activities is also enormous. There are day-hikes by the thousand, and the trek routes follow trails that last a couple of days - or can extend over a few weeks. These vary from gentle walks over easy terrain, to gruelling expeditions.
The main trekking areas in Himachal are the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, routes over the passes between the Shimla region and the Kullu valley, the numerous treks out of Kullu and select tracks in the Trans-Himalayan regions of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti. Most trekking areas are between 1,500 metres and 6.000 meters.

Adventure Activities In Himachal Pradesh

Indulge in Adventure Activities In Himachal Pradesh
Adventure Tour is the Best Option in Himachal
The most fascinating part of visiting Himachal Pradesh is the various adventure options. Take an adventure tour of Himachal Pradesh to know the rural and tribal culture of the state that reside in the remotest part of this region. Enjoy adventure in Himachal Pradesh!
Mountains are Waiting to Welcome You
Trust You feet and take up trekking. If not polish your bicycle and vehicle to take up cycling or vehicle safari in Himachal Pradesh. Whichever way, the satisfaction and fun is guaranteed. The mountain sports in Himachal Pradesh are the perfect blend of ecstasy and cumbersomeness.

Trekking Routes in Himachal

1. Shivas Parikrama (Kinner Kailash
Hard trek 11 days
Sangla - Bhaley-Kahnech pass-Purpani-Ribba-Morang-Lumbar-Kunnu Charang-Lalanti-Lalanti Pass- Chitkul- Sangla
The trek is through forest of pine and bhoj patra, moraines, small villages, high passes, orchards, where one gets to see old monasteries, temples, wild life. It is an hard trek
2. Nagin Lake
Moderate 6 Days
Sangla- Sangla Kanda- Dhumti-Payelash Pavang-Mazabang-Paylash Pass- Devar Kanda- Sangla
The trek is through pastures, valley of flowers, pine forest, glacier point , crevasses, and a lot of wild life is seen
3. Shivling ( Shivas Ling darshan)
Moderate 5 days
Sangla- Puwari- Thangling- Camp 1- Shivaling Darshan- Camp 2 - Sangla
Trek is though forest, small traditional villages, Rocky Mountains where one sees pine nut forest, herbal tea bushes and a lot of rare herbs.